The gamerules in the Kubb World Championship


!!!!!New rules have been introduced in 2017. These rules are in bold and underlined text.



• The game takes place under the rules of the booklet "Kubb - a game in which everyone can participate," it is the ground rules,  not the variants. The following complements and explanations are used under the tournament and we will update as often as we can.

• Game plan size is 5 x 8 meters.

• The team consists of six teammembers. If you are less than six, you are just allowed to use as many sticks as you are members. Each member are not allowed a to throw more than one stick in each round. If a team consists of more than six members its allowed to switch teammembers between throwing rounds. The team have to announce before each throwinground wich 6 members that are throwing.

You can only participate in one team.

• The sticks are 44 mm in diameter and 30 cm long and made by pine.

• All fieldlines considered to be "thin as a thread"

• Unsportsmanlike and disruptive behavior: For the whole team: The team get a warning that the way they behave is unacceptable and if they do not stop, they will be assigned as looser in the game. For individual participants: Participants get a warning that in the way he/she behaves is not acceptable and if he/she does not stop he will be removed from the game, and his team must continue with only 5 sticks.

The  referees decides, in really serious cases sanctions immediately, otherwise a warning and then penalty.

• It is not allowed to remove middle or cornerpins anytime during the game.

• All games are played in best of 3 sets, except the Little World Cup where its only one set.

 Before you start the game!

• The teams first decide how they want to throw the sticks. Either starting team begin with six sticks and six sticks thrown each round or if the team wants to throw 2-4-6. If the teams can´t decide how to start, all six sticks are thrown  from the start. 2-4-6 means that the team that starts with throwingsticks only throw two sticks, next team throws 4 and after this throws 6 sticks each round. In the next set  the procedure starts all over again.

• "Which team starts to throw?" After the teams have decided how the sticks should be thrown, they decide  which team will start with the sticks. This is done by throwing one stick each towards the king at the same time. The team that come closest without knock it down wins, the stick are allowed touching the king. The top/end has to be the part of the stick that is closest to the king. Winner may choose to start with the sticks or which side the team want to start at. The team that did not win can choose to switch side if the winning team choose to start with the sticks.

Throwing the sticks!

• Sticks may only be thrown with underarm throws and the stick should leave the hand along the throwing direction.

• Helicopterthrows are not allowed and will be ruled out. If it happens the throw is not guilty and anty kubbs that might have fallen will be raised.

• Throwing the sticks - helicopter throws: A throw is considered as a "helicopterthrow" when the throwingstick rotates more than 90 degrees (a quarter turn) horizontally before it hits something - even the ground. "Windmillthrow", when the stick rotates vertically are allowed. The difference between the helicopter and the windmillthrow is 45 ° angle of rotation. The stick is considerd as thrown if  half  the stick is over the current throw line. It`s allowed to use talc, if the opposing team think that the talc disadvantage them there rags to borrow at the secretariat.

• Throwing - treading: Both feet should be behind the current throwingline and inside the sideline. When you throw the stick it´s not allowed to take any step over the throwingline/sideline at all. It is not allowed to jump and throw. It is allowed to lean forward when throwing and stand on only one leg, the leg that is in the air may be outside the side line. The throwing position is standing.

• Treading: First, the referee shall if possible, point out the foul before the throw. If it happens the trow is not guilty.

• For wheelchair bound players center in wheelchair wheels count as feet.

• Non-throwing team must be at least 2 meters behind their own baseline when the opponent throws.

• Kubbs may not be moved out of position in advantage for the thrower. (to get a better stance when throwing the stick).

 Throw in and raise Kubbs!

All throwing of kubbs is done from the baseline.When throwing out fieldkubbs - first all kubbs are thrown, then the kubbs that have landed out of bounds are rethrown. If any of these land out of bounds again, they become "penaltykubbs" and are raised by the opositing team where they whishes. You can in that way push kubbs both in and out. The team has only two rounds to throw in the Kubbs. Not two per Kubb.

• Kubb is allowed to be thrown "sideways" but still only with the underhandthrow, throws occurs from the baseline.

• Kubbs may be thrown of anyone in the team.

• Kubbs that fall down and stands up again is counted as down. To qualify as to be down, all four corners must have left the ground.

• Kubbs that falls down by mistake, raises up like nothing happened.

• A penalty kubb are not allowed to be placed closer to the king or corner/middle stick than the length of a throwing stick..

• Rising of Kubbs and leaning Kubbs: Kubbs raises over a straight edge = 2 corners in the ground. When raising kubbs its not allowed to try back-and-forward to see what is most advantageous.

•If the Kubbs are in a pile, start with the top/leaning kubbs and raise/transfer to nearest edge. Leaning kubbs must be raised where it already has the corner on the ground. If a kubb is hanging/leaning on top or between two kubbs without touching the ground, first put the kubb horizontally over the two kubbs. Then take the kubb to the nearest edge so it´s valid in the game. If there is space for the whole kubb between the two kubbs you must place the kubb in that area.

The kubbs can be raised even if they are in direct contact with eachother. This is done lying to standing kubb. Firstly the kubb must raise to the area with the most space. It means that the old rule "minmial movement" rule expires. If the entire kubb is outside the field it becomes not guilty, but if half inside its guilty.

• If at least half-kubb is over the "line" after it has been raised its guilty.

• Leaning Kubbs: Remove all things around the kubb and see if it falls, if it stays standing correct it before the next round.

• Kubbs that accidentally falls down regardless of what, raises up like nothing happened

• Kubb who have been hit by the stick but do not fall counts as fallen if it falls sometime during the throwinground. After the last stick is thrown the defending team gets to correct  the kubbs.

• A thrown stick that hit the last fieldkubb that begins to wobble and then hit a basekubb with the same stick that falls directly before fieldkubb eventually fall, the basekubb is raised up again.

Throwing at the king

The rule "wood - against -Wood" applies to King felled by mistake. Thrown king down from a location other than the baseline, the match is lost.

• The King may be corrected between throwingrounds.

• The King must be put down with a single throw.


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